CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment

As an IEMLT, you may be able to establish your eligibility to write the CSMLS National Certification Examination through the prior learning assessment (PLA) process.

The PLA process evaluates your academic credentials, experiential (practical) learning, professional development and work history to determine your equivalency to the national competency profile which is the standard for Canada.

A Language Proficiency test may be required if your credential evaluation states your language of instruction was not in English or French. For specific information about the Language Proficiency Requirement in the PLA process, see the CSMLS website.

All information pertaining to the prior learning assessment can be found on the CSMLS website

The cost for the PLA is $1,540 CAD for CSMLS members and $1,850 CAD for non-CSMLS members.

There are three possible outcomes:

  1. You meet the requirements and are eligible to write the CSMLS Certification Examination.
  2. You meet the majority of requirements, but there is a gap in your education or experience. The CSMLS may be able to help you find ways to fill the gap (Learning Plan*).
  3. You do not meet the requirements to be a Registered Medical Laboratory Technologist. You may receive information about other possible career options.

*If your assessment results conclude that there is a gap in your education or experience, you will be given a report explaining the gaps that need to be filled. This will include a Learning Plan outlining required courses and educational institutions offering the courses. Once these gap training courses are completed you will be eligible to write the CSMLS National Certification Examinations. 

Completing a bridging program is another option for addressing the gap training.

Recognized bridging programs:

The Professional Standards Council requires PLA clients with more than one comprehensive gap in their didactic and clinical training to a full training program.

NOTE: If official documents are not available during the PLA process, the CSMLS will evaluate alternate documents on a case by case basis. CSMLS will only proceed with an evaluation if documents have been authenticated according to standard procedures.

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