Full Registration

The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Manitoba (CMLTM) will evaluate your qualifications and your eligibility for registration when all required documents have been sent to CMLTM. These documents include your CSMLS National Entry to Practice Examination results and your CSMLS MLT certificate.

Photocopies of forms

You may need more than one copy of some forms required in your registration application. It is recommended that before you begin completing any forms, you make photocopies of these forms. Also, we encourage you to keep copies of the completed forms for your own records, if it is possible to do so.

English translations

All forms and documents that you submit must be in English. If your original documents are not in English, you must submit notarized English translations of the original documents. This means that your documents must be translated by someone certified to do so and must be witnessed by a notary public - a public official who is authorized to witness signatures and take oaths.

Application on file for one year

The CMLTM will keep your application for registration on file for only one year. If you start the application process but stop before you complete it and do not communicate with CMLTM for one year, your file will be deleted.

Documents required to apply for an Active Certificate to Practice?

  1. A current and complete CMLTM Application form and applicable fees
  2. An official sealed copy of PLA report from CSMLS
  3. A copy of your results from the CSMLS National Certification Examination
  4. A copy of Canadian government issued photo identification
  5. Criminal Record Check (and Vulnerable Sector Check)
  6. Child Abuse Registry Check
  7. Adult Abuse Registry Check
  8. Evidence of English language proficiency (if applicable)

Note: You will be required to sign a declaration that you have not been found guilty of a criminal offence relevant to the practice of medical laboratory technology. (CMLTM Criminal Convictions policy)

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