Am I eligible to immigrate to Manitoba?

Visit to determine whether you are eligible to immigrate to Manitoba. This will ensure you do not waste your time, money and effort applying to the CMLTM in the event you are not eligible to immigrate to Manitoba.

The immigration process can take a long time. It is separate from the CMLTM process. If you are a medical laboratory technologists who applies and is approved to immigrate to Manitoba, you must still apply for registration, be accepted and pre-qualified to work as a medical laboratory technologist. Although you may be qualified to work as a medical laboratory technologist in Manitoba, you may be ineligible to immigrate to Manitoba. It is recommended that you apply for immigration and registration at the same time.

Supporting Employment and Economic Development (SEED) Winnipeg

SEED provides accessible, low interest loans to assist skilled immigrants in Manitoba with qualification recognition, upgrading and/or training needed for employment in the fields for which they have education and experience obtained outside of Canada. For more information, visit  SEED Winnipeg.

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