Complete your Application

The requirements for completing your CMLTM application are:

  1. Completed CMLTM Application Form

  2. CSMLS MLT Certification (Exam results and/or Certificate, for Active registration)
  3. CSMLS letter of eligibility to write the CSMLS exam or entrance to exam letter (applies for Conditional applications)
  4. Official copy of CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)
  5. Canadian government issued photo identification (drivers' license, Canadian passport or permanent resident card)
  6. Criminal Record Check (with Vulnerable Sector Check)
  7. Child Abuse Registry Check
  8. Adult Abuse Registry Check
  9. Evidence of English language proficiency (if applicable)
  10. Applicable fees

Please ensure you have signed the affidavit section of the Application for Registration form. If you falsely sign the declaration it will be considered professional misconduct. Your registration will be denied or revoked.

Proof of Identity

You must submit one piece of identification which is a Canadian government issued photo identification document. A good example of photo identification is a passport.

If your name has changed for any reason since your birth, you must provide a document of this change. For example, if your name changed due to marriage, a marriage certificate is required.

You are required to provide proof for all name changes you have had. Please do not send original proof of identity documents. Photocopies are acceptable.

CSMLS Prior Learning Assessment

The CSMLS will provide you with two copies of the PLA. One copy is intended for the regulatory body. Please submit one ORIGINAL copy to the CMLTM and keep one stored securely with your own documents.

Required Record Checks

CMLTM is required to obtain criminal record checks, child abuse registry checks, adult abuse registry checks and vulnerable person’s registry checks on all practicing members upon registration and updated every 5 years.

The record checks submitted must be current at the time of application (6 months from the date they are issued). Please remember to expect at least 2-6 week for requests for the records to be processed. If you are required to submit finger prints for an extensive criminal/vulnerable record check, the process will be delayed up to 6 months. Please apply for your record check well in advance to ensure you have the required documents in time for application.

For more information on how to obtain your record checks please review the Record Check Information Sheet.

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