Filing a Complaint

Any person may make a complaint to the Registrar of CMLTM if they have a concern over the conduct of a member or past member.

All complaints must be received in writing and should contain the name of the Registered Medical Technologist and provide sufficient detail to identify the member, the incident(s) or issues in the complaint. If possible, copies of correspondence, contracts, operating procedures and other documentation that helps to support the complaint should be provided at the time the complaint is submitted. All complaints must be signed and dated.

Complaints should be directed to:

Attention Registrar/CEO
245 Lilac Street
Winnipeg, MB R3M 2S2

Ph: 204-231-0311
Toll Free: 877-331-0311
Fax: 204-489-7300

Review Process

All complaints received by the Registrar will be referred to the Complaints Committee. When a complaint is referred to the Complaints Committee, notice will also be given to the member, the member's employer (if member was employed at time of complaint) and to the Director of the Laboratory.

All complaints received by the Complaints Committee will be reviewed for the member's conduct in relationship to The Medical Laboratory Technologists Act, Standards of Practice and the Code of Conduct.

The Complaints Committee may attempt to resolve the complaint informally or forward the complaint for investigation.

All attempts to informally resolve the complaint which is not agreed upon by either party will be forwarded for investigation.

After review or investigation, the Complaints Committee can decide to:

  1. Forward the matter in part or in whole to the Inquiry Committee,
  2. Accept the voluntary surrender of the member's registration,
  3. Censure the member,
  4. Refer the matter to mediation,
  5. Enter into an agreement with the member.

All decisions will be in writing to the member, the complainant, any employer and Laboratory Director that was included in prior correspondence.

If the Complaints Committee enters into an agreement with the member in regards to right to practice, conditions may include limiting practice, practice under supervision, reporting to the committee or registrar on specific matters, complying with any other condition which the Complaints Committee finds appropriate.

In the event that the member has been censured, the Complaints Committee may publish the member's name and a description of the circumstances that led to censure.

Members who have been censured may be ordered to pay all or part of the costs of the investigation.

In the event that the college enters into an agreement with a member, the costs incurred by the college for monitoring compliance with a direction given may become the responsibility of the member.


All complainants have the right to appeal the decision made by the Complaints Committee to the council.

All appeals must be made in writing to the Registrar within 30 days after the date the complainant is notified of the Complaints Committee decision.

Note: View the Inquiry Committee Guidelines for Hearings for more details.