CMLTM 2018 Annual General Meeting Presentation

You may add this presentation to your Continuing Competency Portfolio under Category 3 - Non-Documented Activities.
"The Language and Communication Demands of Professional Practice for MLTs." by Catherine Lewis 

CMLTM 2018 Annual General Meeting Webcast

How to Prepare your CMLTM Professional Portfolio

Please note that the address in the video is our old address. Our new address is 245 Lilac Street, Winnipeg, MB, R3M 2S2

Phlebotomy Video

About CMLTM, Extended Version

About CMLTM, 30 Second Version

CMLTM Commercial - Spring 2015

CMLTM Commercial - Good Enough

CMLTM Commercial - Safety In Numbers

Preparing for the CSMLS MLT Certification Exam, informational videos

CSMLS MLT Exam Preparation Videos

CMLTM Registration Talking PowerPoint

The  CMLTM Registration Talking PowerPoint for Internationally Educated Applicants will walk you through the information provided on this website and is intended as a guide in the registration process.