Notice of By-law Change - Effective Immediately

This notice is in regards to the CMLTM “Inactive” roster.

The CMLTM Council has decided that, effective immediately, all members registered on the INACTIVE and INACTIVE:RETIRED rosters will no longer be able to use the title of a Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT). The use of the MLT title is protected under our regulations. 

The CMLTM has no ability to regulate or enforce any regulatory requirements, such as the continuing competency program, for members of the INACTIVE rosters. As such, the CMLTM is put at risk by those who may be using their MLT title and knowledge but not actively practicing as an MLT as the public may perceive such a member to be a practicing registrant of the CMLTM. 

As this is a change to our By-laws, this will be confirmed at the Annual General Meeting in September 2018.