World Patient Safety Day Celebration

Premiere of Building a Safer System 

In celebration of the second annual World Patient Safety Day, please join us for the premiere of Building a Safer System - a documentary on the impact the Canadian Patient Safety Institute has had over the past 17 years.  

After the screening stay tuned for a panel discussion of how crucial Healthcare Worker Safety is to Patient Safety, and what should be done to support these vital individuals.

Date and Time: September 17, 2020 -- 9:00am PT / 10:00am MT/ 12:00pm ET

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CPSI Legacy Celebration

Calling all partners, supporters, and past staff of the Canadian Patient Safety Institute! Join us for a Legacy Celebration where our current and past CEOs will reflect on their experiences – the successes, challenges, and future of patient safety in Canada – followed by interactive breakout sessions to reconnect with old teams, friends, and like-minded individuals!

Date and Time: September 17, 2020 -- 11:00am PT / 12:00pm MT/ 2:00pm ET

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To make patient safety a priority in Canada, we need your support! There are many ways to spread this message. To help you, we have put together communication materials and ideas in this toolkit.

Communications Toolkit